Sunday, December 30, 2007

Inchies and Opposite Challenge

I am fascinated by inchies. I thought they were cool since the first time I saw them but never tried to make any. Well I had some scraps left over from the ornaments I made for the 2007 Christmas Ornament Exchange on and I needed some quick small gifts for my coworkers. I dicided to use the scraps and see what I could do. I started out with larger pieces but used those up quickly and eventually ended up with 1" squares that I stuck a hotfix rhinestud on and satin stitched the edges and added a hanging loop. The ones I handed out at work were red. The second picture is of pretty close examples, only a little bit larger and rectangular.

I also needed something to do for Opposites on the Chooseday Challenge. I was thinking of youth vs. old age. After playing with the inchie ornaments I really wanted to do something with inchies. So I did opposites in seasons. Spring vs. Fall and Summer vs. Winter. I just call it Seasons. You can't really see it very well in the photo but it's the best I could do. On the winter scene that little blob is a tree.
So what do you think?

Thursday, December 20, 2007

2 Comments WooHoo!

So far I have 2 comments for the Pay It Forward Challenge and I am ready to get started. I have alot of new stuff to experiment with so who knows what I'll come up with. I got some paint sticks, dye-na-flow, angelina, beads, etc. Lots of goodies! Not to mention I need to practice FM quilting as well. Now that I have caught up (well kinda) I can PLAY. So anyone else wanna be my guinea pig? hehehe Aawww come on it'll be fun. : )

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Pay It Forward Challenge

Join the Pay It Forward Challenge. It sounds like a lot of fun. Here's how it works:

I will send a gift to the first 3 people who leave a comment on my blog requesting to join this PIF exchange. I don’t know what that gift will be yet– it could be anything really- and you may not receive it tomorrow or next week, but you will receive it within 365 days, that is my promise! The only thing you have to do in return is pay it forward by making the same promise on your blog.

I have a lot of ideas that I want to try and I really like sharing with people so come on and join the fun. You can let me know some of your likes or something about yourself if you want to give me something to work from or you can let me surprise you, the choice is yours.