Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bookmark and Collage Tutorial (and trying out my new camera)

Several people have asked how I did the fabric for the bookmarks. So I put this together. It's really easy. I'm pretty sure the painted fusible idea came from Two Creative Studios. I think the idea for fusing threads etc. and then covering with netting came from the same place but I can't remember where I saw it first for sure. Lots of people use it for surface design. If you get a chance do click on the link for Two Creative Studios. It should take you directly to the free project page. They also offer online classes at very reasonable prices and I'm dying to take several.

The background for the collages were created basically the same way but without the paint. I used snips of fabric and steps 4 and 5 to create the fabric then layered like a quilt and used fmq all over the top. I cut them to size, used a fairly large zigzag on the edges and stitched on some leaves. I then mounted them to bristol board that I had previously painted and stamped.

Step 1:

I put a piece of fabric down and painted fusible webbing that I cut into different shapes on top of it. I really like the negative that you get with this process. I don't remember what kind of fusible I used, it was either heat n bond or steam a seam. I used lumiere paint.
Step 2:

I fused the fabric to peltex 70 and fused a backing fabric on the other side. I did this first because I used netting over the entire thing and it can't handle very high heat.
Step 3:
The previously painted fusible got arranged and fused down at this point.

Step 4:
I fused a layer of mistyfuse over the entire surface. It really shows up in the picture here because I didn't really fuse it down on this piece of fabric. I'm not sure what I will use this fabric for yet so I just laid it down to get a picture.

Step 5:
You could add anything else you wanted to at this point. I just left the bookmarks plain. The postcard shown below has candelight thread on it, I just laid it out in a grid pattern over the mistyfuse. Add a layer of netting and fuse it over the top. Make sure to test your iron temp first on a scrap. It does melt. : )

Step 6:
Cut it up to whatever size you like and finish the edges. On the bookmarks as well as the postcard below I couched candelight to the edges.

Have fun. : )
P.S. I really like my new camera. : ) Very user friendly.

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Judy Alexander said...

Love the fabric that you created. I will have to give this a try. Thanks.