Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I got a huge surprise!

The quilt I made for the Doll Quilt Swap on about.com 'Flowers for You' is going to be in a quilt show! It will be shown in the Palm Beach County Quilters' Guild quilt show on Feb 29 & March 1. Christine was the recipient of this little quilt and she showed it around at a guild meeting and she said that the show committee requested that she enter it. How totally cool is that?! I'm so excited I just about can't stand it! The show dates seem soooo far away. : )


Anonymous said...

I'm standing by my original plan: if it wins a ribbon, the ribbon goes to you! I know you said you felt the ribbon should stay with the quilt, but I didn't make the quilt, you did! Any ribbon should go to the creator/artiste. And as far as you not knowing if you can claim artist status - a BIG YES!!!

Now I'm getting greedy thoughts hoping you've got my name again in the current doll quilt swap, but I know I couldn't get you two times in a row - well, I'll just have to share your talents with another lucky quilter!

Christine in FL

Maggie R said...

A very darling quilt. It should win a ribbon ;-}

Paula Hewitt said...

This is lovely - Congrats on getting in the show. well done. us 30 something mothers of three seem to be awfully busy making stuff dont we!!