Sunday, May 18, 2008

Updates and Future Quilters

My mom's out of the hospital and getting better. She's almost as feisty as ever. : ) While she was in the hospital the kids decided to make her a couple of gifts to let her know they were thinking of her. Jessi made her first potholder.

And Josh made his first postcard.

They both really liked doing it. I think they had the most fun sorting thru my scraps. : ) They had a tough time deciding on which fabrics to use. : ) Now they both want to make more.

We finally have a due date for the baby. December 14! I'm getting into this grandma thing now. : )

While Mom was in the hospital I got to babysit her little poodle, Trevor. Between him wanting to be held ALL the time and my kitten, Shorty wanting to be held ALL the time I really had my hands full. : ) Unfortunately Mom insisted that I bring him home. I really miss the little guy. This is one of the few times they consented to sharing me.


Anonymous said...

Belated thanks for comments and advice you left on my site almost a month ago. I just found them in my spam queue (should check it more often) I will have a good snoop around your site and check out the ones you recommended as soon as I can find a quiet moment.
Cheers! Cottager's Wife

Jill Smith said...

Hi Pam, lovley to hear from you and tell the kids there work is fantastic, think you have two budding artist's there.
I am still doing my paintings and enjoying them and its much better on my bones, if you want to see look, here,