Monday, November 17, 2008

Out of Hiding

One of the problems I have with keeping up with my blog is that I feel like I have to have pictures in every post. Since I haven't been really productive, I haven't had any pictures. And when I did finish a couple of mini quilts, of course, I forgot to take pictures. Anyway I finally have some pictures so here's what I've been doing.

I love making fabric postcards. I was in a fall kind of mood when I made these. I also had oodles of tiny scraps left over from making a batik mini quilt (that I forgot to photograph). So I used them to create the background for these, then added the leaves on top. I really like the look. I'll definitely be playing more with this.

When I have the time and energy I participate in the block lotto on Sophie designed some really cute house blocks. I adore these blocks. In fact I'm pretty sure I'm addicted to them. I made some 6 inch ones for the lotto, then more for me. The ones in the photos above are of the 3 inch mini blocks that I have done so far. Thanks Sophie, these are just too cute.


sophie said...

Your little houses are beautiful !!

Leah/ Texas/ United States said...

hey these are some really awesome houses - I love the bright colors against the black. Good to see you're quilting again, I know what you mean about pictures. I'll add you to the pool for the scrap drawing - right now its only two or three of you for the second bag. I'll let you know Saturday. Keep quilting, and thanks for posting!!!


Debbi Baker said...

Hey there!! I am just catching up and love your postcards - neat effect with the background! And the house blocks are terrific - makes me want to go make house art!!