Wednesday, April 9, 2008

What I've Been Doing

I'm not very consistant I know. Nothing for over a month and 2 posts in one day. What can I say, the real world interferes way too much. : )

I just completed my first attempt at an abstract art quilt. What do you think? My family likes it but no one wants mom unhappy ya know. I want brutal honesty here. I know the feel I was going for and what it puts me in the mind of but I'm not saying as I don't want to influence anyone. Soooo...should I continue on the abstract track or run as fast as I can back to traditional with a pattern quilting? : ) If you want to see a larger photo go to my web shots. I don't know why some of the photos you can make larger and some you can't. It's probably me being inconsistant again. : )

I got to go shopping over the weekend. : ) This is all the stuff I came home with. Quite a haul huh? Yes I am spoiled. : )

This is a better look at the beautiful yarn I picked up. I just kept going back and looking at it. In the end I just couldn't leave without it. : )

I love angelina fibers and just had to get some more. As you can see I've been playing. I got the book Amazing Angelina by Betty Blais too. I figured I could use some actual real instructions rather than bumbling through it. It's great, simple and to the point. There are instructions in it to make beads from angelina. Cool idea, easier said than done. : ) The paintbrush above was my first attempt. The angelina stuck to it. : ) Oops, I probably shouldn't have used something that was painted. But it was there, round and within reach, so... Anyway now I have a really pretty paintbrush to use to clean my sewing machine. I covered it with gel medium to protect it and wrapped a piece of candlelight thread around it. Do I get the most decorative paintbrush award? : )

I also picked up some Candlelight thread, gorgeous stuff. I had to grab some more of Superior's Bottom Line, this will definitely be a staple in my sewing room. Yes you did see some of the cheap metallic from Wally World. (Yep I'm hanging my head in shame for cutting that corner.) I've always loved playing with clay so that explains that one. The metallic acrylics were on sale. : ) I love shiny, could you tell? Last but certainly not least and what I actually went shopping for was the thread to add to my collection. I want to make sure I have enough variety for the thread painting class I'm taking. Maree Caplin is teaching it at Quilters Keep Learning and it's called Foliage, Fins, Feathers and Fur. Hopefully the link will work. You should definitely check it out if you're interested in learning thread painting. She has class examples on her blog as well There is also a link on the sidebar if this doesn't work. Sometimes I get it right and sometimes...well...

By the way check out the thread in the lower left corner, it's called Dirt. I like the thread but the name alone would have made it a must have. : )

Thanks for visiting. Please feel free to leave a comment, they are so much fun to read. And I really do want your feedback on my forray into art quilting. I'm off to try and decide what to do for a doll quilt I am making for a friend. Hope everyone has a Great night. : )


Anonymous said...

I like the abstract design,although traditional quilting has it's place, I think it's always good to explore other areas with your art it helps us to grow as artists.
Cheryl Strait

Tanguera said...

Don't run from the abstract! That is a nice piece.

Carol said...

I think it is awsome Pam, and I am sure there is room for both styles in your reportoire. I love the colours and the shapes and the composition is very pleasing. I am impressed, you must carry on with it, I am sure this could take you in new directions.

Cheryl said...

Looks like you had a great shopping haul! I like the abstract quilt. I agree with Carol - pleasing composition! I also like the piece in your earlier post.

Good to see you back!

Stacy Alexander said...

Hi there,

I really enjoyed looking at your abstract quilt and think you did a terrific job with your color choices and composition. Great job!

Stacy Alexander

Sharon said...

About the abstract, I like it and if it was fun some more. You can go back and forth doing both. Doing stuff like that keeps me fresh.

Hanna said...

I think your little quilt is great - looks like a sushi party to me. You should just do more! I'm into handsewing too right now.

Lea of Farmhouse*Blessings said...

Lovely! It would look gorgeous in a modern home with simple straight lines. The colors are perfect!