Sunday, January 13, 2008

Over Committed???

It's a new year and the one thing I am (er was) trying to do is not over commit. I have a bad habbit of taking on too much. If my life would stay nice and calm it wouldn't be too much but as we all know, things have a way of happening at exactly the wrong time. This is proving to be very difficult though.

I love to do fun things and swaps are right at the top of my list, as are challenges. Right now I have 2 projects I have to finish by Jan. 31. A mask for the Chooseday Challenge and something ??? don't know what yet for the Take It Further Challenge.

I entered the Block Lotto on for January. It's the first one I've had the time to participate in. I already have my blocks all done for that. I had them done in the first day or 2 of the month.

I also signed up to participate in a swap on for mini 9 patches. I haven't even gotten started on those yet. I have an excuse though. First I had to wait on the fabric I ordered, and now our washer is on the blink. Figures. I have a little time left, these aren't due until Feb. 29.

I have several postcards I need to make for some friends. I love making quilted postcards. I also have to make at least one for a swap I signed up for as well as a small art quilt journal size or larger. The due date hasn't been set yet but is going to be at least 6 months out.

I need to get started on an art doll for a challenge as well that is due on Easter.

I am going to be really busy. And all these are on top of various ufo's I have that need finished. I am writing myself a note to remember to take pictures and post them here as I go along. I am going to try to post at least once a week. Oh, the Chooseday Challenge and TIF are both monthly challenges so I will have at least those 2 projects each month.

So how do you think I'm doing at not over committing? : )

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