Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Play Time

I finally got to experiment a little with angelina. It's been hanging around here for a couple of months staring at me. My first attempt turned out to be a blob. I think I just added too much. I do have difficulty knowing when to stop. It really doesn't look so bad in the picture but trust me it's pretty bad. At the very least it won't work for it's originally intended purpose. I think I can cut it up and salvage most of it though.
My second attempt is a keeper. It looks way better than the photo. Funny how that worked out.

This is the final product. I'm very pleased with it. I named it Better With Buttons because it looks alot better with the buttons. Okay so I'm gonna have to get better at this naming business too. It's a new concept for me. This may turn into a series. I'm really enjoying working with these materials and colors.

1 comment:

ladybug said...

I just discovered angelina this past year and have yet to really play with it myself...but I love how it looks!

Nice work! (and I think your blob project is cool too ;)