Wednesday, January 16, 2008

TIF Challenge Idea

I've got it! I will make a block and dedicate it to my boss. She has just been a gem. My mother has had health problems, bleeding in her brain and lung cancer. She had brain surgery and 2 weeks later surgery to remove the mass in her lung. She has had many appointments that I needed to take her too. Most of these occurred with very short notice. Theresa (my boss) took it all in stride and rearranged the schedule numerous times in order to accomodate me while still giving me the hours I needed to work. She has never complained about letting me change the schedule or have time off when I needed it to take care of my mom. Making the schedule is difficult at best anyway and having to try and rearrange it after people have begun to make plans for the week is extremely daunting. I really appreciate all the work she put in to allow me to focus my attention on caring for my mom rather than worrying about my job.

Now I just have to translate that into fabric. I will have time to work on it starting on Thursday and I am taking several days off in a row to kind of recharge now that my life has calmed down a little. (Thanks again Theresa) I will have to think about it some, it will probably come to me in the middle of the night just as this idea did. : )


jacqui said...

Bet that is a first! What a wonderful boss you have but then anyone with a spark of humanity would be accomdating surely? Trouble is most people have that spark but due the work place rules, aren't able to show it or if they bend those rules, suffer for it. So cludos to your boss, she must be a wonderful person.

Rice said...

I am very fortunate. She is a very kind and generous person.